Undertaking bathroom renovation is exciting and daunting. Exciting when you think about designing your bathroom and the final product. Daunting when you have to figure out the budget, pick out the material and the renovation process. You need a reliable partner like Kitchen & Bathroom, Bathroom renovation Mississauga https://kitchenandbath.ca/bathroom-renovation-mississauga/ by your side who will the process easier. However, not everything can be done by the renovation company. We are sharing some of the things that you should keep in mind while going ahead with the renovation.

Have some savings in store

When planning your renovation, you will have to calculate your budget and then decide how to go about it. However, renovation processes aren’t as simple as that and things might not always work out as you would want them to. It is always best to have some savings set aside in case something arises. Once the renovation starts, some hidden issues might become apparent which would need fixing. These savings can come in handy. Having an experienced contractor will bring down the chances of these expenditures being high. The contractor will try to bring out as many possible issues at the beginning itself. You should set aside 10 to 15% of the total renovation cost as a cushion.

Have a Separate Section for the Toilet

To have a stylish and functional bathroom, you should consider tucking the toilet behind a half wall or having a room on its own inside the main bathroom. When you make the toilet discrete it can add a classic look to the master bathroom. If constructing the wall is too costly, then you can use a piece of furniture or dresser that will act as the barrier for the fixture.

Use Practical Bathroom Surface

One of the crucial decisions that you need to make is to decide the material you want to use on the bathroom surface. The surface of the bathroom sees a lot of foot traffic and is exposed to a high level of moisture regularly. You need to choose a material that will be easy to maintain. Porcelain tiles are one of the most popular options and also highly affordable. Installing large porcelain tiles will be easier to maintain because of fewer grout lines. If you are going for porcelain tiles, then you should choose the sink which has similar material.

Opt for a Good Shower

Most of the time, people prefer installing a shower over a tub. If you are planning to completely eliminate the bathtub you can install a larger shower. The fixtures are a significant expense, it is essential to be mindful about the kind of fixtures you are opting for. However, if you have one bathtub in the house then it is not recommended to get rid of it. As showers are heavily used, you should consider splurging on them and getting the kind of shower head you want. Go for a shower stall that is at least 4 by 4 feet. If you want a larger shower stall, then it would add to the cost.

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