Pooja Room Wall & Ceiling Design

The pooja room is a divine space and should be designed properly. Every element should be very carefully planned. This involves the ceiling and walls as well. The ceiling and the walls are often left blank. As a result, the overall space appears boring and dull. To create the perfect pooja room, you should come up with interesting ceiling and wall decor ideas. There are plenty of options available that can help you to create your ideal pooja room design. If you are not sure about how to do it, here are a few ideas you can take inspiration from:

01 of 05 Create a false ceiling

When you are not sure about your ceiling design, just opt for a false ceiling. False ceilings have gained immense popularity in the last few years. One of the biggest reasons behind its popularity is its customisation. There is an end number of possibilities you can create with a false ceiling. While choosing the colour, try sticking to neutral colours as they create a serene environment. Also, you get lots of interesting lighting opportunities with a false ceiling. Good lighting ideas can completely transform your pooja room design. For instance, you will be able to add a beautiful glow and auspicious feel with cove lighting.

02 of 05 Hang a chandelier

Your pooja room design should exude grandness. Nothing can make your pooja room appear grand like a chandelier. It is certainly one of the best lighting fixtures you can add to your pooja room. They will add a feel of luxury while lighting up the space perfectly. You can get many intricately designed large chandeliers for your pooja room design idea. However, be careful with large chandeliers. Their huge appearance can make your pooja room appear small. Only opt for a large chandelier if you have a large pooja room and a high ceiling. For smaller pooja rooms, you can find plenty of options that will fit in the room perfectly. Just make sure that you pick the chandelier depending on the size and design of the room. If you ever get bored of the look, you can try changing the bulbs. It will give the entire pooja space a new look.

03 of 05 Design with jali cut panels

Give your pooja room design idea a touch of Indian-inspired architecture. Jaali cut panels were quite popular in homes. However, they had lost their popularity for some time. Now, they have made a comeback in home designs once again and are more popular than ever. In most homes, a jaali cut panel is found in the backdrop of the idols. You can take a step forward and opt for jaali cut panels for your ceiling as well. The continuation from the wall to the ceiling will make the entire space appear in harmony and also, create the illusion of a taller ceiling. You can further accentuate their beauty by installing LED strip lighting. It will help to create a beautiful warm glow in your pooja room, making it ideal for praying.

04 of 05 A beautiful wooden ceiling

When designing your pooja room, you should try to make it Vastu-compliant. This will attract more positive energy into your house. One of the best ways to make your pooja room Vastu-compliant is by opting for natural materials and earthy tones. You can do so by introducing wood into your pooja room. Wood is one of the best materials you can use in your pooja room. It will help to create a calm and serene atmosphere so that people can pray. Moreover, wood can add a very luxurious feel to the pooja room interiors. You can create a beautiful wooden false ceiling or a stunning accent wall with wood panels for an attractive backdrop for the idols. There are many interesting ceiling and wall decor ideas you can come up with for this. To accentuate the look further, invest in lighting. You can create a beautiful ambiance with cove lighting on the ceiling. Install a few spotlights as well to keep the idols highlighted.

05 of 05 Ceiling with wooden rafters

A wooden ceiling and accent wall will appear great but can cost a lot. If you are looking for affordable options, you can choose wooden rafters instead. Wooden rafters are basically wooden beams on the ceiling running parallel to each other. They will help to create the same warm and luxurious ambiance without the expenses. You can add more visual interest by extending the rafters from the ceiling to the wall behind the idols to create an interesting backdrop. There are lots of options available in the market. Make sure that the colour and texture of the rafters match your pooja room design. Installing spotlights on the rafters is a great idea for lighting up the space perfectly. For added visual interest, you can hang items like traditional ornate bells from the rafters.

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