Creating the Ideal Home for A Rental Property

Renting your property to a reliable tenant is an excellent way to generate additional income. The key lies in creating a property that numerous tenants will be vying to rent. We have a few guidelines we believe will assist you in turning your current space, whether a flat or a house, into prime rental real estate.

Curb Appeal

First impressions last, so if your property has a small front garden, make sure that the lawn is mowed, flowerbeds are free of weeds, and that the walkway to the door is not missing any paving bricks or cobblestones.


The front door is the face of any home. If you’re allowed, revive the door by painting it, either in a vibrant, eye-catching colour, or simply sand it down and glaze it with varnish. The same tip applies if the property has a front balcony made from timber. A fresh layer of lacquer not only creates a fresh new look to the entrance of your home, but it also serves as weatherproofing for the natural wooden elements.

Modern Kitchen 

There is a substantial expense attached to the renovation of a kitchen or bathroom, but it is worth every penny. At the right rental, you’re likely to recoup the costs within a year. You’d be doing your bit for the environment too as many modern kitchen appliances now emit little to no chlorofluorocarbons and are often energy saving too. Another kitchen-related trend for 2021 is to have handleless cupboards and hidden storage for appliances, giving the room a clean look and feel.

Outdoor Space 

The need to spend time outside has become more important since worldwide lockdowns kept everyone restricted to the confines of their home. During this time, many property owners took to renovating their gardens and adding log cabins that serve numerous purposes, from meditation studios to outdoor kitchen and alfresco dining spaces, hobby houses, or even home offices.

Waterproof Roof 

One of the most important, yet often neglected, aspects of a property is the roof. It is important to have the roof of your property and any outbuildings checked at least once, preferably twice a year for any potential leaks or damage. A leaking roof that remains unchecked can cause extensive damage to your property; walls and ceiling boards can become damp and rot, or even worse, electrical wiring within the walls may be damaged which could lead to a fire. A simple internet search will leave you with a number of results for reputable contractors to assist with your roofing requirements.


The knowledge of warmer in winter, cooler and summer is always a positive factor for potential tenants, so installing insulation in your home and sheds is an excellent investment. As with roofing professionals, you’ll no doubt find insulation specialists in your area with a few mouse clicks.

These are a few simple guidelines to oil the cogs of your creative mind; we know that after your home renovation, it is going to be any tenant’s dream.

By HomeLight Homes

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