What Is There to Know About Quick Way’s Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication is the process of using sheets of different metal materials to come up with functional structures and products. Quick way manufacturing is a company well equipped with all the necessary equipment and tools to have a successful fabrication process. Some sheet metal materials used during fabrication include steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, brass aluminum, and other metals, depending on the functionality and design of the component to be fabricated.

For these metal sheets to be converted to structures, some little bit of processing is required to be done. These processes differ depending on the necessary outcome after the method on the object. Below are some of the significant operations conducted on sheet metals.

Laser Cutting

The use of laser technology in cutting sheet metals is the most effective. It is very cost-effective for it requires no use of tools other than the laser, which does the cutting of different volumes of sheet metals at once, being time-saving at the same time during its operations. The use of laser cutting technology ensures that the fabricated components have a smoother finish than they would have been with conventional cutting.

 The cutting technology also generates less waste of the material being worked on during operations. When combined with other complementing technologies, Laser technology gives Quick Way Manufacturing the ability to work with utmost accuracy, precision, flexibility, and speed in fabricating sheet metals.


Metal stamping is the process of fabricating products from a metal sheet via inserting the sheet into a stamping press, a machine with a die that is pushed into the sheet metal, forming the metal sheet to take the shape of the dice. Quick Way Manufacturing ensures that top-quality services are rendered to produce products that their customers can rely upon for sheet metal fabrication.

There are various types of metal stamping, including short-run and medium-run metal stamping, with short-run metal stamping services being the most commonly offered to customers. It is a cost-effective process that fits customers’ needs with repetitive low to medium volumes, short lead times, and even those requiring modification of parts. Stamping can be combined with other forms of technologies to increase the quality of the final product.


Punching is a metal fabrication process where the cutting of the material is done by applying enough force onto the material by the use of a die to cut out the desired shape and size. Although the commonly punched holes are those of simple geometric shapes, circles, rectangles, and squares, Quick Way manufacturing can customize the tools on request by the customers to produce many intricate shapes. With advanced electrically powered punch presses, one can have an average of 600 punches per minute, making it possible to complete bulks of work in just a short while without compromising on the integrity and quality of the final products produced. What more could one need?

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