The Current Resurgence in Rustic Oak Furniture

There is an increasing trend recently towards oak furniture and from cheaper flat pack alternatives. This has come about as an unexpected during a time period of global recession but as the flat pack furniture giants might have dominated the nineties and the majority of the ‘noughties’, there is an immediate development in the wood furniture industry, particularly through online stores.

Gone were the times when individuals would become attached to particular piece or type of furniture and stick to it for many years otherwise an eternity. Within the inefficient, throwaway culture from the nineties, people would get rid of their flat pack furniture every couple of years because the fashion determined. Yet within the recession from the late 2000s, despite people getting less cash, growing figures of households started to choose the greater quality, more durable wood furniture of the past.

Less is much more even though people do indeed tight on, they are concerned much more about the things they’re doing have and would like it to last. While a dresser from the flat pack store could cost half or indeed another of their wood counterpart, a budget, frequently fragile, chipboard used and also the short-resided fashion that was created can last typically 3-five years. Wood furnishings are furniture for existence and also the initial outlay pales compared once the robust construction and timeless traditional design means that it may serve you for a lifetime.

It would be unfair to state the flat pack furniture does not have its place. The reduced-cost furniture ranges are wonderful solutions for individuals on a tight budget may it be for student accommodation, very first time buyers or individuals renting within the short-term until they have the cash for any lower payment on the house however in the longterm, it simply is not sustainable.

Value has not been the only real element in the increasing tide of oak furniture. The return of traditional values has meant the return of traditional styles and comforts.

Wood furnishings are what can help to create a ‘house a home’ with it’s warm tones and natural features while flat pack furniture with it’s sharp, verticle with respect angles is extremely rarely comfortable and rarely homely. The angular corners of flat pack furniture can obviously also present a possible danger for kids when they would fall whereas the chamfered edge type of traditional furniture is much more rounded and would minimise injuries.

Among the primary appeals of flat pack products have been the matching designs in furniture ranges. It was something which was indeed missing in wood furniture of history as various furniture articles would frequently be inherited ‘hand-me-downs’, swaps or boot purchase bargains that will with each other produce a ‘higgledy piggledy’ mess.

Yet modern construction methods and mass-production have introduced lower the cost of oak furniture and therefore people are now able to manage to buy their furniture new in stylish matching design ranges that meet their very own needs.

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