Methods of clearing space for decorating

There are so many wonderful reasons to decorate your home – from reflecting your changing style to accommodating your family. One of the best reasons is that it can give you the push you need to reorganise your space. But how do you go about clearing your space for decorating? We explore some of the best methods.

Start decluttering

Take your style shift as a way to update your overall look. It can be so easy to become surrounded by clutter if your home never changes. While you are moving things around in order to create more space for redecorating, consider whether you might want more space afterwards, too. Donating items to friends and family, or even to charity, that you no longer need or want could leave you with a more aesthetically pleasing space later on.

Move it around

Are you planning to redecorate your whole house in one go? If not, it can be cost-effective and simple to box up your possessions and move them to a different room temporarily. This is a great solution for larger homes with more rooms, but might not work as well if you are planning to makeover every single room, or you live in a smaller home.

Sell what you can

Redecorating can be expensive! If you are looking to make a complete style overhaul, then selling some of your more valuable items can clear the clutter and help save money. You can also reinvest that cash into items that reflect your new style. This can take some forethought, as you will need to sell these items before you begin redecorating in order to truly free up the space you require.

Consider storage

So what can you do if you don’t have any space to move your stuff to, but you can’t bear to part with it? A storage facility such as Safestore could be the perfect solution. A secure self-storage facility can store items of all sizes in a secure and easily accessible place – and you can fetch your things and bring them home whenever you’re ready. This is also a flexible option, allowing you to pick up your possessions whenever you need them. And if you have some items that you want to keep for sentimental purposes that might not be at home in your new space, then you can always extend the length of time you have them in storage.

When you decide to redecorate, don’t forget that you need to keep your home clear for the best results. This can keep your things safe from damage and make redecorating a lot faster. With so many fantastic solutions, you can get your home looking fresh and new easily.

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