Home Preparation for Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is essential when using the flooring type in your home. The specialists in cleaning can do a thorough job regardless of the amount or type of dirt you are experiencing. However, it is essential to preparer your home before the experts arrive to achieve the best results. The home preparation initiative will help you save time and money during the carpet cleaning exercise. Here is what you need to do before the professional cleaners arrive;

Talk to the Service Providers

It is vital to talk with the service providers about what to expect in carpet cleaning Hermosa Beach. Inquire about the cleaning and what you can do before the day. Although some companies will include additional fees for tasks like moving furniture, you can undertake the initiative to prepare the house and minimize the costs. Depending on what the services providers want, you can list down what you can do before the cleaning day.

Move the Light Furniture and Fragile Items

Distractions during carpet cleaning make the work be more tedious and take more time than necessary. You can move the light furniture to create minimal distractions, but you can leave the heavy ones for the cleaners. Moving the bulky items can cause injuries, and you will require help to do so.

Carpet cleaning is a vigorous exercise that entails movement. You will need to move the fragile items to avoid damage. Even though the service providers will move the furniture, you can reduce their work by moving more minor things like art and other decorations.

Wall Protection

Since the professional cleaning service entails bringing in equipment, the walls are at risk of getting abrasion marks from the movement. Therefore, it is crucial to protect the lower parts of the wall to limit the damage that the hosepipes might cause as the cleaners pull them. Also, the staircases can experience harm, and you should protect them too. You can use painter’s tape to protect the walls and staircases.

Remove the Clutter

When having children, it is common to find stuff like toys lying around the house. The items can cause distractions when cleaning and may pose safety risks by falling when someone steps on them. In addition, small things can destroy the cleaning equipment. It includes pieces of jewelry or pins that fall around the home. So, ensure you remove the clutter from the spaces the cleaners will be accessing.

Plan for the pets

It can be challenging for the cleaners to accomplish their tasks effectively when pets are around the house. Plan for where your pets will stay during the cleaning exercises to avoid distractions. You can consider one room where they can spend the day until the work is complete.


A cleaning company may come with a van or a truck, and you should have a space where they can park. It would be best if you prepared in advance for the parking spot. Also, plan for the post-cleaning since it may take one day or more to use the carpet or rug.

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