Heatin’ Up, Coolin’ Down: How To Keep Your Aussie Home Cool In Summer

Australian summers are wonderful: we have world class beaches, long, sunny days and beautiful weather. This being said, things can get pretty toasty, like 45°C toasty. When these unfortunate days bless us with their ghastly presence it can almost be more difficult to stay cool inside than out.

But there are ways you can make it happen. By doing a few simple home hacks like keeping doors closed, setting your fans in particular motions and installing the best Central Coast blinds and shutters, you should be able to keep your home cool even on days when it feels like stepping outside is simply overwhelming.

Let’s take a look at some of those fantastic little tips below…

  • Keep your blinds closed

Whilst it may be tempting to let in all that glorious, 45°C summer sunshine, it’s also the best way to let in some of that inglorious, 45°C summer heat! The best way to keep out in the summer months is to install top quality blinds or shutters and keep them closed on these nasty days.

Why? Because 30 per cent of a home’s heat comes in through the windows! So, if you have a late-30s, plus-40 day on the cards, and you’re allowing a good amount of that heat to come through your windows, naturally your home is going to follow outside’s suit and become really, really hot!

Keep them closed and keep the place cool and bearable!

  • Shut the doors to unused rooms

If you are like many people and find themselves confined to one particular area of the home on a gruesomely hot day, you might be stoked to know that you can close off particular, unused rooms as a means of keeping the house cool!

Any of the cool air you are generating via air conditioning/fans etc. can easily escape the centralised space and stockpile in unused rooms, thus decentralising the cool and making the home a lot toastier.

  • Put ice in front of the fan

This is an oldy but an absolute goldy. All you have to do is place a bowl of ice in front of your fan and it will begin the air being generated will take on the cold of the ice with it! It’s such a simple method, but one that truly gives your space an extra fresh blast of cold!

  • Set your fans to rotate counter-clockwise

Ceiling fans are made to be set counter-clockwise in the summer months. There is a simple scientific reason for this: when they are set counter-clockwise in summer they are able to produce a fresh, downwards air flow right to the floor. This then helps create a cooler feeling from the ground up!

  • Avoid long cooking periods

While you may be tempted to cook up a four hour storm when stuck indoors for the day, this can actually have disastrous effects on the heat situation in your home. I mean, if you’re using a hot stove/oven to cook something over a long period of time, naturally that’s just going to assist in heating up an already toasty home!

So, maybe just cook something light and fresh or brave the heat and pick up the classic fish ‘n’ chips on a hot summer’s day.

  • Stay hydrated

Okay, this isn’t so much about the home as it is about yourself, but be sure to stay hydrated on these nasty days even when you’re trapped indoors! This will help keep you cool and more alert despite the nasty heat.

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