Acrow talk: what is wall reinforcement?

Throughout construction, many walls have to be supported to prevent them from caving in or falling down. This is especially so when construction workers are working around them, as it is essential to health and safety that these structures remain well in place so that the work can be carried out without the fear of collapse.

Wall reinforcements ensure that you can work safely and effectively as the risk of collapse is essentially eliminated, with quality Acrow props hire being essential to the task.

Let’s take a closer look at wall reinforcement below…

What exactly is wall reinforcement?


Wall reinforcement is the task of strengthening a structure whilst it is being built or renovated. When you strengthen a structure to prevent its collapse you are essentially “propping it up” and making it safer for construction workers and other tradies to work near.

Construction workers used to rely on timber supports which are far less reliable than high quality steel reinforcements which are commonplace across Australia today. Timber may be strong, but is vulnerable to fire and weakened by water, meaning extra care has to be taken for workers and their use of this material.

Furthermore, steel reinforcements are a highly sustainable option that provides safe and reliable support for construction workers to work around.

Why do we need wall reinforcement?


Renovation jobs often require the removal of large structural parts to continue the work. Once this has been undertaken, the surrounding walls are vulnerable as there is less support for them.

If you remove a roof or internal walls then the risk of the entire property caving in is far greater. There needs to be highly efficient support to retain the existing structure otherwise a disaster could occur.

This is especially so if the walls have a few years behind them, as they may not be as sturdy as in the past. They might also be load bearing walls which could make them far likelier to fall.

People who work in construction, other trades or even DIYers should be aware of the importance of wall reinforcement. Without them, the work conducted can be very dangerous as well as running the risk of having to rebuild particular collapsed structures and lose time and money in the process.

What are Acrow props?


Acrow props are steel, tubular posts designed to provide temporary wall and ceiling support. They come in a range of adjustable sizes from zero to four, and have been in use for around 90 years.

Their smart design has made them a much safer and cost-efficient option for construction companies looking to safely support walls and ceilings throughout construction or renovation. Acrow props quickly became very popular in the global construction and are yet to be surpassed by a more cost or work-efficient design – a testament to their importance in wall and ceiling reinforcement.

They are the best option for wall & ceiling reinforcement


If you are looking for the very best product in the construction industry for wall and ceiling reinforcement then the Acrow prop is the way to go. Having been the standard for wall reinforcement for so long, you can be sure that steel Acrow props are much more desirable than their timber counterparts.

Australian safety standards require construction workers to be able to work in safe conditions, and Acrow props are the best option for reinforcing walls and ceilings in such a manner.

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